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Top Romantic ComediesI hereby present my Top Romantic Comedies selection to you. Great romantic comedies used to be a dime a dozen, however as audiences become less patient and more finicky, it seems Hollywood is at a loss more times than not when trying to find scripts that fulfill what a romantic comedy should.

At the very least, there should be a magnetic attraction and sultry chemistry between the leading actors. There should also be plenty of witty punch lines to break up the sexual tension.

Although this genre is stumbling, there are some top romantic comedies that are must sees and will sate your appetite until the next hit becomes available.

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50 First Dates


This romantic comedy got it right for a few reasons. First the director cast two leading principals that could actually carry a limited plot. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are an unlikely match, but since both of them have comedic wit and both have played romantic roles elsewhere, they managed to give a believable performance. Scripted with a lead character that is forced to relive everyday with no memory of the day prior, Sandler has to work double time to get Barrymore to fall in love with him over and over. Viewers can’t help but feel bad for Sandler who takes a comical approach to this unbelievable phenomena and women will love the sheer patience he exudes as he desperately tries to get and hold on to Barrymore’s affections.


Bridget Jones’ Diary


Naysayers thought there was no way there could sexual chemistry between Hugh Grant and Renee Zellweger but were pleasantly surprised in the end. This movie hits the spot for any woman who has had the normal bumps and bruises while diving head first into the dismal and complicated dated scene. It truly is a life imitates art kind of flick that is sobering and honest, while remaining charming. The flippant tongued Zellweger proves to be an adequate match for Grant and all his proverbial mishaps. Viewers fell head over heels for all three main characters and lived vicariously through Bridget as she clumsily but efficiently searches for love in all the wrong places.

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


This movie fared only mediocre at the box office but once released to DVD soared as one of the cutest and funniest romantic comedies of the decade. Finally women were able to watch a movie that didn’t have an insecure female lead chasing on the heels of the unattainable guy. Instead the producers flipped the script as Kate Hudson sets out to prove she can make a man despise her in just over a week. Unbeknownst to her, that said male also has his own agenda (and bet with the boys) and thus his patience for Hudson’s antics are unexpected and chaotic. Both men and women alike will stick with this story for the simple fact that they can relate to the idiosyncrasies of both sexes and how we manage to sidestep and tolerate all of them.

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The Break Up


America’s favorite sweetheart Jennifer Aniston and witty Vince Vaughn starred in The Break Up and did so with such flair and comedic talent that the harsh realities of breaking up with the love of your life seemed almost doable and survivable. Aniston plays an at times overbearing girlfriend with OCD tendencies who is fed up with her immature boyfriend. Meanwhile Vaughn is mystified as to why his beloved makes things so complicated and struggles to make sense of women’s language overall. The pair decides to break up but because neither of them wants to give up their plush, rent controlled condominium, they decide to make the best of a bad situation and stick out living together.


As both seek advice of the wrong kind from family members and friends, the audience must wait patiently to find out if these two can mend their hysterical differences or part ways for good. The one liners are something everyone can relate to and in the end couples start to wonder if all those flaws aren’t what makes up the best of who our partners are.

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A script such as this had all the makings of a bad after school special, but miraculously because it was cast exactly right, what could have been a bad advertisement for teen pregnancy ended up as a poignant and honest tale of a young girl, faced with adult challenges and situations and actually coming out on top. As Ellen Page uses comedy and honest sarcasm to deal with her circumstances, she also comes to terms with her attraction to her lifelong friend, who happens to be the biggest geek on the block. This is a realistic look at how even a young mind can sort out the complications of life and how love is often found in the least expected places.



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  1. Oh my goodness, I am such a sucker for romantic comedies! The only one on this page I haven’t seen yet is The Breakup. Better add it to my list!

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  3. Hannah Newberry says:

    I usually don’t love romantic comedies, but I love Juno and 50 First Dates. Great list! I haven’t heard of a few of these so I might give them a try.

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