Top Five Dogs That Makes Perfect Best Friend For Your Child

The Top Five Dogs That Are Great Dogs For Children

Having a dog is life-changing is so many ways, to help you make the right choice, we give you the top five dogs that make the perfect best friends for your tiny tots. Right from teaching you things like sharing, being unconditionally loyal, to teaching you responsibility, to giving you incredibly hilarious stories to share with your friends. Why shouldn’t your child be lucky enough to experience this beautiful relationship? A dog can not only be your child’s perfect partner-in-crime but also be the vigilant protector and safeguard it from any risky business. In addition, the top five dogs are probably the only ones who match your little one’s sky high energy levels calorie by calorie.

1)   Labrador Retriever

Top Five Dogs

Labrador Retriever


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Not only are Labradors the most popular of dog breeds, but also are extremely lovable. This big doggie is everything you would want a child’s companion to be: intelligent, protective, energetic, extremely playful, loving and very, very reliable. They have the sweetest personality in all of Dog Universe and don’t take too long to adapt to a new home either. There are many qualities that places this dog on the top five dogs list.

2)   Golden Retriever

Top Five Dogs That Are Great Dogs For Children

Golden Retriever


A lot of people tend to believe that Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are the same breed. However, the two breed are not even remotely related, except for the last name. Golden Retriever is a confident, smart and very loyal dog. Unlike most dogs, Retrievers come with great reserves of patience- a superpower that is a requisite when it comes to dealing with kids. In addition, this breed needs constant activity, making it all the more perfect for kids whose batteries never seem to run out. And as opposed to Labradors, who mentally almost never grow up, Golden Retrievers mature and calm down by three years of age, thus proving to be a much more mature companion for your child.

3)   Irish Setter

Top Five Dogs That Are Great Dogs For Children

Irish Setter



Traditionally, the Irish setter is a hunting Dog, which explains the keen sense of smell and where it gets all that crazy energy from. However, don’t let the “hunting dog” bit threaten you; Irish Setters are probably the most sociable dogs you’ll ever come across. They are naturally gentle, caring, sensitive and extremely easy to train. Just like little children, these sporting dogs are super curious and want to explore everything they see. They are also very good at sharing and expect the same from their humans- be it toys, clothes food. What better a way to teach your toddler some good manners?

4)   Beagle

Top Five Dogs That Are Great Dogs For Children



Another breed that was trained for hunting and fishing, the Beagle makes every single person it meets go “Awww”. Just like the Irish setter, the Beagle too is extremely energetic, thanks to their hunting background. At the same, they have Zen-like tolerance and patience levels which make them perfect buddies for the little ones. In addition, they are perfect players for harmless wrestling and romping, and because they are not very large, they don’t topple children over either.

5)   Yorkshire Terrier

Top Five Dogs That Are Great Dogs For Children

Yorkshire Terrier


Here’s another furry friend with abundant tolerance and patience for kids. How often do you come across a dog that just absolutely loves to cuddle? Last but not the least of the top five dogs is  The “Yorkie”, it is one friendly dog and is happy to be surrounded by a lot of people- something that is not too different for babies either. The Yorkshire terrier is particularly gentle with smaller children and does a terrific job at disciplining little troublemakers. Even though this dog may take its time to adapt to a new atmosphere, they are pretty low-maintenance and are not too fussy with dog treats or fur-shedding or potty training.


The author of today’s guest post is Jim Downer. He owns a pet shop and his favorite amongst all is the dog. Though, he is often busy taking care of the pets in his shop, he does take time out to blog about pet issues.

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