Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last Decade

 Top 10 Horror Movies of DecadeHere are the Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last Decade based on my own opinion. I am quite sure it might not be the same as what you have in mind, and I sure would like to read your opinions or choices below in the comment section.  The horror movie genre has notoriously put out some absolute must see films; on the other end of the spectrum, the last decade has also seen a flurry of poorly constructed, lame plots and not quite up to par acting at the same time. But not all is lost for die hard horror fans. Latch on to these top 10 horror movies of the last decade while anxiously awaiting some new ones.

If you have already seen these movies then you already have your own opinion, otherwise, I suggest you keep an open mind and prepare to be entertained or scared. You are very likely to get one or both.

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10. The Descent


This movie has all the requirements for a horror movie that doesn’t fall into the ‘slasher’ specified genre. Neil Marshall is divine at storytelling and the script is one that is cohesive and believable. What also makes this a great horror flick is that there are 5 strong female lead characters and all of them pull their weight (unusual for horror movies). The movie which follows the lead characters investigating a dark and abandoned cave and who unknowingly come across a new species of life that are starving for human flesh not only will have you jumping it also has other goodies. The movie is cast very darkly which is part of the scare factor, but it also is shot is very tight spaces which are stellar for those who are claustrophobic and only adds to the discomfort level.


9. Martyrs


This French horror movie is one of the strongest plot driven and will have you glued to your seat from the first few minutes until the last clip. The storyline follows Lucie, a teenager who was kidnapped and tortured for years, who finally escapes the cellar she has been kept in and illicit help from a childhood pal, who also has endured years of abuse, to seek out and get revenge on the family that tortured her. This movie is a perfect mix of emotional and physical torture, though the scenes are not for the faint of heart. It is also amazing to descend into madness with both lead characters. Everything about this movie is bothersome and the ending is jaw dropping. Those who have seen it have a very strong reaction, but be aware: if gory scenes and carnage is not your thing, you may want to pass this one up.


8. Deadgirl


Another fabulous horror movie, this one follows a group of adolescent boys who happen upon the corpse of a young female at an abandoned asylum and curiously wonder what to do with it. One of the opening lines, “we could keep her” is just a taste of what onlookers get with this well crafted and emotionally charged movie. Social protocol, sexual and adolescent dynamics and a back drop of zombie gore all encompass this movie. The true story lies within the two main characters, one of which is so taken by the girl’s beauty (and his hormones) and wants nothing more than to have sex with her, while his counterpart Ricky fights his morals of calling the police. It’s a true movie that shows innate human behavior, how we each struggle with what is right and wrong, and the implied zombie forte keeps this movie going until the end.


7. Saw


When Saw hit the movie theaters, horror fans had long been awaiting a great horror movie and Saw answered with a vengeance. The opening shows two men both chained by their ankles with no memory of how they got there. In between them sits a man, bloodied and holding a gun and tape recorder which will give them few clues about why they are there and fewer as to how they can escape. What they tape does reveal is that Adam, a local doctor has approximately 6 hours to kill his counterpart or ‘Jigsaw’ will kill his wife and daughter. Both men also know that their situation is one they have brought on themselves; a direct result of poor choices they have made recently and now there is a lesson to be learned. Viewers can’t help but understand Jigsaw’s rationale by the end of the movie. It is bloody and at times difficult to watch, but gore fans will love the movie and those who also enjoy psychological thrillers will revel in the plot line.


6. Trick R’ Treat


Made on a shoestring budget, this movie follows numerous storylines that at the end cleverly lead the audience into one. It has all the making of a good horror movie; a strong, although B rated cast, set on Halloween, and involves the characters throughout their lives which means the audience will have a great back story and relate to the characters. Anyone who loves Halloween will also love this movie and it is one you can watch year after year.


5. Inside


Few horror movies include a female serial killer and one that is believable, which is what makes this movie so awesome. Gory to the bone, it is a simply plot that aims to show one thing: that some people are simply born bad and are capable of horrendous things for no other reason than they are horrific people. The fact that Beatrice could really be your next door neighbor is also what makes this work. While other horror movies spent a lot of time making excuses for the killer’s sprees, this one doesn’t and it is that reason that the movie is so disturbing.


4. Session 9


Another great horror movie, the director got it exactly right. Instead of using an absurd amount of blood and gore, he let the characterization do the talking and used just the right amount of light (or lack of) to create a scary mood in conjunction with a who done it script, as one by one, the janitors hired to clean up the abandoned asylum are killed off. This movie proves that with a strong cast, great script and amazing sounds effects, a horror movie doesn’t have to be bloody to be superb.


3. The Ring


First success: casting Naomi Watts as the film’s lead. Add in the simple scare factor that by simply watching a VCR tape, your life is soon to end and you have a really great horror movie. And of course the long haired and fair young girl that keeps coming out of the televisions, along with the creepy sounds effects whenever she is about to show her face only make the movie creepier.


2. Final Destination


Although marketed to a younger audience, this movie also broke new grounds as the plot is centered on a class trip to France and at the last minute one student has a premonition that the plane is going to blow up. As he screams for everyone to abandon the plane, a few do follow only to watch in horror as the plane explodes upon take off. Thinking they have just escaped a premature death, they survivors have another thing coming. Death follows everyone who was slated to perish on that plane and the teens come together in an effort to outsmart ‘death.’ The fact that death is cast as a living and breathing thing was ingenious and the fates and subsequent deaths of the survivors are witty and creative.


  1. Cabin In The Woods


The original was great but the remake in 2012 was greater. Not much can be said about this twisted tale without giving a lot of the movie away, but suffice to say that Joss Whedon cleverly wrote this script and somehow managed to pull off this one horror movie while incorporating something for each of the horror movies of past decades. It has the young kids off on a road trip much like the camping ventures from the Friday the 13th series; others are controlling your destiny like the Twilight Zone films; the unwanted understanding that sometimes a few humans have to be sacrificed for the greater good of mankind like in the Saw series and the twists and turns of Jeepers Creepers.



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    Although I am not into horror movies myself, my husband would love this list. Great post.

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    I’ve only heard of three movies on this list, and I thought I was well versed in horror movies. Great list! I’ll have to check some of these out! Thank you

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