Quotes and Inspiration Words That Empower You

These areĀ Quotes and Inspiration words to empower you, brighten your day and elevate your mood. I will be adding and posting some personal words from time to time. Thanks for visiting and I hope you read something here that motivates you today.


Quotes and Inspiration

Motivational Words


This next one is quite choc-full of Eureka moments once you start to get it and believe me, that will happen more than once as the scope of it becomes clear.


Extraordinary Opportunities

Seize the occassion


Albert Einstein always came across as an honest man and you will like the honesty in this quote, as he tells us what is more important in life.


Albert Einstein on Imagination Vs. Knowledge

Imagination is More Important than Knowledge


I keep seeing a few quotes from Victor Hugo the renowned French Poet who has long departed since 1885 but his works lives on. This next quote is one of my favorite quotes from him, and I think it will do us all some good if we pay attention to what this guys are saying.


Victor Hugo on Inspiration and Genius

Inspiration and Genius one and the same


The next quote is another way of saying something I have always said to myself and that is that – Limits are forever elastic and its elasticity is endless, the more you pull and tug the more elastic it stretches and becomes a new limit. At least until an inspired soul test those limits.


Limits of the Possible

What is possible without boundaries

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