Paid Online Surveys Scams

Are Paid Online Surveys Scams or the Real Deal?

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How To Make Money With Paid Online Surveys

I have been getting a lot of questions about Paid Online Surveys lately from friends and other associates; which makes this a hot topic in this current economy. Is this a viable source of income, and how realistic are the expectations presented in the sales copy to prospects? What is expected of the participants and range of expected income on a monthly basis. Frequency of payment and reliability of the payments.

As the debate rages on it still is a very hard decision on where Paid Online Surveys fall as long as whether they are scams or they are for real and people are actually making money from the Paid Online Surveys that they are taking. It is very interesting to note that the numbers of Paid Online Surveys are ever on the increase, this only means we really have to dig deeper. I suggest you dig in and contribute as we research the outcome of this quest. My readers and myself are all interested in your experiences and  comments on the viability or lack of viability of these paid surveys. I personally look forward to hearing your opinion.

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Common Search Questions about Paid Online Surveys

A lot of questions abound about Online Surveys. whether they are real or scams. Here is a quick short-list of various questions concerned citizens are asking. I have come across more than a hundred, since;  “The real deal on survey and product testing jobs”, “online sites that pay u to survey and are not scam”, “is really people paid for survey”, “is paid surveys at home a real deal”, “are any online survays the real deal”. Please note the errors were left as original typos.

Are Paid Online Surveys a Viable Source of Income?

Many people are looking for different ways to make money online. With many people losing their jobs or having their hours reduced, people more than ever, are looking to the internet for ways of making money. There are many jobs on the internet, from internet marketing to freelance writing. Another popular way to make money online is paid online surveys. This article discusses whether you can actually make money with online surveys or if they a scams?

Are Paid Online Surveys a Viable Source of Income?

This is a question that many people ask about paid surveys. The answer is yes, but that answer is conditional. The answer is conditional because as with many online jobs the amount of money you make depends on the number of surveys you fill out and which companies you affiliate with. There are many sites that will pay you for filling out surveys, they all operate a little differently. They all have different pay scales, pay days, different numbers, and different types of surveys. For the most part you will need to do quite a few surveys each hour to make any real money. Many of the online survey sites will only allow you to do a few a day, they will find different reasons to disqualify you from taking many surveys. You will apply to do a survey and will get a message back that says you do not fit the profile for that survey.

What is Expected of the Participants?

This is one of the best parts of making money by filling out online surveys, it is simple. For the most part you are only expected to fill out questionnaires for survey sites. They will either send them in your e-mail, or allow you to fill them out directly from the home page. There are sites where you can request to try a product and then write a review of that product. These types of paid survey sites are rare and hard to get a position with. There are also sites that have their surveyors go to a store or restaurant, and then write a review of their experience. Again, these sites are rare and do not have a lot of openings.

Expected Income and Frequency of Pay

Your expected income will depend on how many surveys you qualify for, and how many you can fill out each day. The pay you will receive will range from a few cents to several dollars or so for each completed survey. Like in the rest of life itself, there is a wide range of pay rates between the Paid Online Survey websites. It is pertinent to mention that the survey panels have the highest rates of pay at least that is what my research suggests. Pay is one of the things you must watch carefully when signing up to work for any online survey sites. Many of them do not pay in cash. Many of these sites will pay with small gifts or points that can be redeemed for certain products. Your frequency of pay can vary greatly as well. Some online survey sites pay immediately, some pay daily, or you could also find ones that pay weekly or monthly.

Caveat Emptor:
It appears that there are a lot of the paid online survey websites that play a lot of games to avoid paying you fully or they make you take preliminary surveys as they call it, but they often get paid for it. Either way they try to get you to answer a lot of questions they tag as optional. My advice is never to answer any question that is not directly related to a paid survey, except of course those required for registration purposes.

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