Im With Jamie 3.0 Review & Bonus

IM With Jamie 3.0 was released May 2012 and I can objectively write this review for a product that is helping people make money using internet marketing secrets. This not some cooked up, rehashed e-book that tell old stories of how to make it as an affiliate using outdated methods. This is from someone who is living this everyday. I can assure you that I am writing this review based on practical experience, not like many of the reviewers out there that have no contact with the product at all. I created this blog from some of the things I was learning in the course, though I should have waited for the section on choosing website names before I set up this blog. Guess, I was just too excited to wait for all the details.

Since the release of IM With Jamie 3.0 there has been a lot of buzz generated and believe me superbly positive and impressive. The reality however, is what really matters. After all, what will a review be worth if it is written by someone who has not used the product at all. My review is based on experience, I bought IM With Jamie 3.0, and I am still using the service at the time of writing this article. Just remember that knowledge is power and everything you learn can never go to waste as it become part of your wealth of knowledge.

There are 12 live webinars held every Tuesday and Thursday nite at 9PM EST. You could like many of his current students continue after the 12th webinar if you choose. It is pertinent to note that there is a 60 day money back guarantee. When I wrote this review and created this website and blog I was not motivated by money. I only wanted to share and let people know there are still some decent marketers left on the planet.

Internet Marketing (which includes affiliate marketing if you did not know) as taught by Jamie Lewis is loaded with practical day-to-day Super affiliate knowledge, secrets and real-life techniques. Any other IM With Jamie 3.0 review can not give you an inside feel of the product if they are not using it in real life.

IM With Jamie 3.0 Bonus: The real bonus is that you will never find any other net marketing course or classes out there that is very practical and honest. Jamie tells you how to make it the white hat way without tricks or any kind of cheating. I will have to say the single most important reason for me to get so excited enough to write a review on a product midway into the course is this: Jamie does not spend his time during the webinar trying to sell you anything. You will in fact never see the salesman in him during the webinars. He tells you to make a list, how to do it, what you need, and where to get it, then he tells you to just do it.

I am saying I bought IM With Jamie 3.0, am working it, learning from it, and if you are reading this article on my blog, then you have your proof of how effective is Jamie Lewis’  teaching. The course is set up using a webinar access through the internet with live interaction. Now that you know it works, you can make a few comparisons yourself. I hope my review of this product has given you a good perspective on its performance and and content.

Product Name: IM With Jamie 3.0

Product Author: Jamie Lewis

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Just a simple down-to-earth guy. Interests include; Marketing, Martial Arts, Tech, Gadgets, Movies,and Travel. Avid Learner/student.

28 Responses to “Im With Jamie 3.0 Review & Bonus”

  1. Hammrich says:

    I’ve bought and went through past courses of IM with Jamie, and he always over-delivers beyond what he promises. Jamie is one of the rare coaches out there who is genuine about helping his students out, and never fails to answer all your queries and obstacles that you face along the way. Even though I started as a complete beginner, I never had any trouble following through his courses and he always makes sure anyone of any caliber or experience can keep up with his lessons.

  2. Sculley says:

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a new release from Jamie. He puts pride in his work, ensuring that his course is of only top-notch quality and only release them when he is fully done, not leaving any single tiny detail out. That way, beginners will not need to waste extra time researching the bridging parts between certain steps, and his courses have really taught me well and equipped me with all the necessary skills to be a competent marketer.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sculley, it is nice to read from someone who have shared a similar experience. I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head in this one. :)

      • Wiedenheft says:

        Having researched about Jamie, I can say that I can only find positive reviews about this marketer and his products. Even a simple google search shows all testimonials of his successful students. It looks like he is definitely a trustworthy guy, and this is definitely worth trying out. I juat can’t wait to see how this course goes!

  3. Sterling Kusel says:

    Jamie never cease to amaze me by keeping abreast of all changes in this industry, even though Internet marketing is an extremely volatile niche. His courses are designed to adapt accordingly to the all latest trends and utilizes only the most efficient and effective methods. His course is the only worthwhile investment I’ve ever made online for quite a long while, and it’s hard to find even a single bad review about him anywhere, because Jamie is a genuine marketing coach!

    What he has taught me through his courses has helped me go a very long way through my Internet marketing journey. It’s so nice to see it being recommended here, and I’m in full support of it. :)

  4. Roger Junker says:

    Jamie’s work is above and beyond my expectations. Quite simply a great communicator and well-worth the investment! Thanks again Jamie!

  5. Linda Mosby says:

    I got a lot of practical and well-written advice from Jamie. I attended a few of his courses and I have to say they are all indispensible! Thanks again Jamie!

  6. Orlando S says:

    Jamie, when will you be coming to the Florida area? I’m going to be flying out and staying there for the next 6 months and would love to attend another seminar. Many thanks, Orlando.

  7. Jonathon456 says:

    I can’t recommend this guy to enough of my colleagues around the city. Seriously, I don’t often say this, but LISTEN TO THIS GUY. He’s a genius!

  8. SammyDavisJr78 says:

    Been boning up on a lot of marketing material over the last few years and I gotta say nobody writes like Jamie. His expertise is invaluable and well-received at my firm. Thanks Jamie.

  9. Frida says:

    I can’t thank you enough for all your words of wisdom, Jamie! Thanks again for all the advice with our branch in Salt Lake City!

  10. Denny Popov: says:

    It’s a very difficult ocean of BS and broken dreams on the net. Nice to actually have some practical advice from someone with years of experience – and wealth – to back up his words!

  11. GeorgiaPeach87 says:

    Love Jamie’s speeches – so inspiring! Working on my own internet marketing and a lot of what Jamie has said is coming true. Worth every single red penny.

  12. MarketingNewb says:

    I’m pretty new to this whole game of internet marketing.. nice to see all these glowing reviews. How often does Jamie tour? Where can I pick up his book?

  13. TheodoreBear says:

    I bought the program. LOVE IT. Practical and easy advice that seems so obvious in retrospect.

  14. kellyK says:

    Went through Jamie’s course. He’s a fabulous coach and always willing to help. I was a bit skeptical of the price, but took the plunge.. here I am 2 months later raking in dough I barely lifted a finger to earn :) Thanks Jamie.

  15. Frederick Gonzales says:

    Thanks for all your advice Jamie, I’ll report back in 6 months like I said! Fingers crossed buddy!

  16. Samantha Rose says:

    Jamie helped me launch my dream job. Can’t thank him enough. All I can say is: get in the program before everyone does!

  17. Ulyesses23 says:

    Love the program. Jamie was such a great mentor and tutor. He taught me so much and taught me how to learn on my own too. So much knowledge for such a small price. Thanks again.

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