How To Burn DVDs on MAC Using Aimersoft

Why should you use the Aimersoft DVD burner

DVD plus R 16x Speed

Memorex DVD plus R 16x 4.7GB 100

When it comes to burning DVDs on MAC, you have many options at your disposal, but you will have to choose carefully. It is disappointing to buy a program just to see that it does not have the capacities that you desire, therefore you must read a comparison between different programs that can manage video files, programs that can also be used to transform popular formats into formats that are accepted by MAC computers and Apple mobile terminals.

The computer world today is based on video files. Whether we are talking about a movie, about your memories, or about video guides and tutorials, you always need to watch a video file. Some of those files might be important for you, so you might want them on your computer. The MAC computers are perfect for viewing videos, but they have the disadvantage that the common formats used on other operating systems are not accepted by the iOS. This is why you will need a converting tool for those files.

Disk Burner vs. BurnX Free and Aimersoft

Disc Burner is a great tool of this kind, allowing you to create your own content and libraries. It also comes with a great number of tools, but some say that it is slow when it comes to the converting and writing speed.

BurnX Free is a DVD maker for MAC. A nice feature is the drag-and-drop capacity, which makes it a lot easier to manage files. It also gives you the possibility to erase CDs and DVDs, which is another good option. It is free, but when it comes to the editing features, it is not that great, as Disk Burner and Aimersoft have a lot more features of this kind.

BurnX Free also fails while writing certain types of files. It is not common, but it could happen. This is why you might need a reliable solution that never fails while writing on optic supports. Aimersoft was heralded as the best tool of this kind, especially with its special features such as crop, trim, or rotate. In fact, Aimersoft is more than a CD/DVD burner; it is the perfect program that can cover all your video editing needs.

The Aimersoft DVD burner is free, and it can be downloaded and installed in a matter of seconds. Sure, you can buy the full version if you need to convert protected files from iTunes, but the basic number of facilities and features is more than enough.

mp4 to DVD converter


If you don’t know how to use such programs, you can always use the advanced guide for installing and managing files. With the Aimersoft DVD burner, you can find video files of any format, and you can transform it in a format that is accepted by MAC devices.

It is possible to choose the input and output directories, so you would know that your library is always organized and simple. The conversion would be finished in a few seconds, as it was proven that Aimersoft is a lot faster than other programs of the same type. To know more, you can view the product page where you can get to know more about Aimersoft and it’s amazing products.

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