How To Build Links From Less Obvious Places

How To Build Links and Dominate Your Competition

How To Build LinksEvery webmaster needs to learn how to build links as building a link profile has never been so difficult for webmasters and SEOs has never been so wrought with challenges and risk. Whereas a good links profile was once merely a big links profile, today you need to be much more discerning about where you get your links and how you get them. Link exchanges will get you into trouble, links on low authority sites will get you into trouble and links on unrelated sites will get you into trouble. The new environment now requires you to know how to build links profile that are large, varied, organic and high quality which can take a lot of time to accomplish.

Thus most webmasters have turned to guest posting as the best way to build links but even this has its problems being a long process that doesn’t actually guarantee results and one that not everyone will be able to use.

Fortunately though if you know where to look there are a lot of other options on how to build links that are just as easy as they ever were, but which will be respected by Google and do wonders for your SEO. All you need to do is to use a little creative thinking outside the box… Here are some suggestions to help you do that.

Fan Sites

Fan sites offer a brilliant opportunity for webmasters as usually they aren’t run primarily for profit and are instead written by fans who have an interest in everything to do with their links. In other words then, find a way to tie your site into their niche and they’ll be highly likely to link to you. For instance if you run a website on bodybuilding and you want to get some links from a Hugh Jackman website – just write an article on how to get ‘Jacked like Jackman’ then send the link over to the webmaster. And if they don’t go with it you’ll almost certainly find it’s well received on the forum.

Magazine Sites

There are countless small industry magazines that most of us will never have heard of from magazines about railways to magazines about roundabouts. By writing articles on those topics you’ll find that you can often get a link on their site if they think it will interest their readers. After all, the aim of these sites is to supplement and promote their magazines so they’ll have little interest in SEO and no reason not to give out links freely.


Websites run by young people can often bring a lot of enthusiasm to the web and be more popular than you might think. Chances are though that they won’t be quite as cynical as a number of other websites meaning that you or your SEO company can get links on the page quite easily. A great way to do this is by awarding them some kind of prize as the ‘best young site’ for your niche and then inviting them to link to your story with a banner. This strategy can work with other sites and products too – write a story about them and they will almost certainly link to it if it’s positive.

This post was contributed by Craig Watts, an avid reader who likes to write on a wide range of topics including technology and football. He is an employee at 7Strategy, the country’s leading website design and SEO company.

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  1. Brian says:

    Without doubt building links is the biggest challenge in SEO, even before you consider which links are worth having. Liked the tips here, bit different from the normal suggestions you see.

  2. maria says:

    Thanks so much for the ideas here.

    I specially like the tip on looking into small industry magazines. It’s super.

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