Ghost Hunting Tools and Equipment

Ghost Hunting Tools and Equipment

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with “Ghost Tech”

The human mind is a wonderful thing, when we think about our sub-conscious mind and how it seems to do things we are not conscious of in real time per our perception, we can not help but wonder that this independence might continue after the physical body is gone. Thus, the idea of ghosts is plausible. This idea has been with us humans for generations and Eons, and has grown to huge proportions, to the extent that today, I am writing this article to showcase the Ghost Hunting Tools and Equipment you will need to detect the presence of paranormal activities.

If you are interested in starting your own ghost hunting tour you will find all the Ghost Hunting Tools and Equipment you will ever need here. Also, you can browse Ghost Images on Yahoo or Ghost Images on Google if you are just looking for ghost images.

Ghost hunting in the last decade has become quite the fad. Recent surveys have found that about 1 in 3 people believe in the supernatural in some way or another and countless people across the Internet and documentaries have recounted their own experiences with those who have crossed over. For those that seek out the dead, there is both old school and new technological equipment that is used to track and record evidence of there being life after death. Here are some of the old and new Ghost Hunting Tools and Equipment that are utilized in ghost hunting should you want to embark on your own journey.

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Ghost Hunter Book

The Everything Ghost Hunting Book

There are people who think that ghosts implies supernatural entities or spirits of the dead; then there are those that are skewed towards a scientific scope that centers around multiple dimensions and interactions between those planes of existence. Apart from all the equipment out there for ghost hunting adventures you will also find books that are quite resourceful and educative to anyone that is interested is some exciting experiences

Where ever your thinking falls, if you intend to hunt ghosts you will be needing the most effective and tested Ghost Hunting Tools and Equipment out there and I particularly enjoyed “The Everything Ghost Hunting Book” I have displayed right here for your perusal.

You can be sure that you will get your heart pumping a bit and it should do the ticker some good if you have always handled yourself well.

Most Popular Ghost Hunting Equipment

Digital cameras are still among the most popular equipment used in ghost hunting today and more so with the advances in digital photography. They are reliable because they have the ability to capture what the naked eye can’t see and what our brains don’t have time to register. Digital cameras are much like pressing pause on a movie you are watching. They catch things in frames that happen too quickly for the brain to register. Many of the digital cameras today also include night vision attachments, and since ghosts love the night life they can capture things we don’t see in the dark. The used of infrared film is also useful in picking up heat and will display the image or source of said heat.

Also a useful tool for ghost hunters, video cameras are able to catch everything going on in real time and you can keep them running without someone monitoring them in the same room. These are helpful when investigators have a large area to cover which is often the case and can’t be in all the areas at the same time.
Digital video cameras work best as they usually have night vision and can be converted into files which are essential if you have your own website. The downfall to these however is that time is no object, but all that footage needs to be reviewed in slow motion; a process that can be painstaking and time consuming. But a decent video camera can capture a lot of things that happen quickly that our eyes won’t and since some ghosts are here and gone in an instant, they make for a great evidence tool.

Audio Recorders For Ghost Hunting

These have also been long used and are quite handy for picking up voices and messages of the dead. The plus side of using these is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money getting one that is top of the line and in fact; older ones that aren’t crystal clear make for better devices because they produce ‘white noise.’ White noise is essentially the crackling you hear and what some equate to ‘poor quality’ however, white noise produces sound waves that for whatever reason ghosts can latch onto and make their presence known by quite easier than on more expensive equipment.

In Demand Infrared Motion Detectors | Ghost Hunters Essentials

These are also very popular although controversial among ghost hunters. Since ghosts move in and out of ‘hotspots’ and are naturally quizzical about today’s electronics that are used, they are often attracted to these cameras with usage of unseen beams of light will alarm and alert a ghost hunter when an unseen presence passes through it. The unfortunate thing however is that you are restricted when using it as it won’t work well outside since so many variables will cause the alarm to go off and if you try to use it in too small a space, it limits you and your team’s mobility. These are best used in small areas where other people won’t be lingering or investigating.

Infrared Digital Thermometers | Ghost Hunting Toolkit

These can be essential for investigators both experienced and novice. Research has shown that when ghosts are present there is a vast change in temperature, usually resulting in what is called ‘cold spots.’ While the general temperature of a room will remain the same, those who stand or are in the presence of a ghost will notice the temperature dropping by anywhere from 10-60 degrees.

Ghosts absorb energy in order to be present and make that presence known; this is the reason for the shift in degrees. These thermometers register the temperature in the area you are in and can sometimes alert investigators to a presence within a room. Though the science community doesn’t entirely understand how and why they work, and a temperature decrease isn’t validity of a ghost being present, it is still thought of as a great tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence during investigations.

What is New in Ghost Hunting Tools and Equipment

Air Ion Counters
Air ion counters measures the ions in the air which are always present because of radioactive decay and rayon, as well as other gas changes. Ghosts can be thought of as a hiccup in normal energy flow and thus ghost hunters have found that the ions in the air sharply disperse, vanish or differ when the supernatural are present. By using this tool in a sweeping manner throughout an area it will alert an investigator that a shift in the ions has happened.

Electromagnetic Field Detector
Electrically charged things have magnetic fields attached to them at varying degrees and since ghosts are all energy it makes sense that when they are around the electromagnetic fields will shift and alter. These hand held devices are easy to carry and will alert an investigator when there is a vast increase in electric energy in an area. The downfall to these devices is that they will pick up energy from any device with electricity so false readings happen a lot. But it is still one of the most often used pieces of equipment in the field today.

Ghost Boxes
The first ghost box was called Spiricom and was invented by George Meek who was convinced we could talk to the dead. Later a man named Frank Sumption reestablished the ghost box and made some vast improvements, calling it Frank’s Box. By simply using an old style radio, he created one that could stop during scanning and the result was a unit that ran up and down the band of a radio while stopping randomly. So as the investigator would ask a question, the radio picks it up and then begins scanning and stops at stations where people are talking and supposedly what they say should be the answer to your question. It is a way for ghosts to answer your questions via utilizing someone else spoken words. Sometimes the radio will switch to various stations taking only one or two words from each to construct an entire sentence that will answer your question.

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