Breathtaking Vacations in Rhodes, Greece

Is Your European Vacation Taking You to Rhodes, Greece?

Rhodes Greece VacationsRhodes Greece is one of the most popular and also hot of all Greek islands. It attracts a lot of visitors from all corners of the globe. Its fame and unique high temperatures have always made people to always want to take a vacation in one of the hotels in Rhodes. One thing that makes Rhodes to be extra-ordinary is because it was primarily the home to the Colossus which was among the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. Despite its ancient nature, you can still see the attractive nature in the port of Rhodes as you enter it. There used to be the Colossus statue that was unfortunately destroyed by the 226BC earthquake, but despite that, the town is still as beautiful as ever. I guess beauty never fades, does it?

Having the Rhodes Town experience

The most wonderful thing you can think on your holiday is taking a trip to Rhodes, a thing you will never regret. Spending a vacation there for a week or two can never be enough; the only factor that will avert you from holidaying longer is the money in your budget. 

If you are a tourist visiting Rhodes (by air), you will head east coast from the airport and get to Rhodes town, the island’s capital. The town is divided into two parts: the medieval ‘old town’ and the ‘contemporary new’ one. In the modern town, it is where you will find the best hotels in Rhodes and all the amenities you can possibly expect of an urban area. The old town is also an interesting place filled with cobbled streets that carries lots of history. You will be able to encounter charming cafes and petite shops that sell assorted gifts and in turn, you will experience the authentic Greek culture in the old town.

Road to the Coast

One of the most popular places that also host the best hotels in Rhodes is at coast. Lindos town begins stretching at the beach and creeps up the imposing rocks that give the town its characteristics. Lindos holds among the best and most admired beaches with golden brown sand that slopes gently into the sheltered bay.

If you are a fanatic of beaches, then you will have to travel further down the coast to Tsambika beach. The beach is a common stop over for cruise ships as it is one of the best in Rhodes. Tsambika beach is served by a little Taverna where you can be able to have drinks and snacks. It is sheltered from the wind and not that crowded and if you are a fun of basking in the sun, it is a place well known for nudists.

If you are a dedicated Christian, the small Byzantine church is only 350 steps up from the beach. So you do not have to worry about your faith swaying away. A visit to home is just another home away from yours. Make a visit and experience the breath taking moments.


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